City Charter Revision

Following Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement that a new City Charter Revision Commission had been appointed in March 2010, we formed a Charter Revision Sub-committee of our board to put together a position paper on our main priorities in the Charter. Our main focus was to request that the Commission looks into ways to better integrate long-term, citywide planning objectives of PlaNYC within the structure and the processes of New York City government.

The sub-committee was made up of a great mix of developers, architects, planners and affordable housing funders and we met several times, and debated fiercely, in order to bring some diverse voices together on a position paper, and testimony that we could all agree on.

You can download the full final position paper here (pdf) or read the full text in the post below.

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City Charter Revision on the ballot

As you may have seen in the voting booth on Tuesday, two questions made it onto the ballot regarding City Charter revision at this time (albeit questions with numerous parts). You can view the ballot questions here if you did not vote.

We just wanted to know if you would like us to write a follow up letter to either the City Charter Commission or the Mayor to express our opinion on the City Charter Revision included on the ballot. From our perspective we would express our dismay that no land use issues were addressed, our dissatisfaction about the Elections …

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City Charter Land Use Panel Testimony

We testified at the City Charter Revision Commission forum on land use last Thursday (24th June 2010) and thankfully ‘long-term planning’ was a prominent theme (you can watch the full four hours here). The debate around how long term planning could be better integrated in the structure and processes of government was brought to the fore by a question by Commissioner Hope Cohen of the RPA, which led to one of the most lengthy discussions of the night. There seemed to be a lot of support for exploring how an overall sustainability framework and long-term plan for the city …

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City Charter Revision – CHPC’s position paper

As highlighted by Mayor Bloomberg when he announced the Commission, the challenges and opportunities in New York City today are vastly different from those in 1989. We believe that this shift is most acute in the areas in which CHPC specializes ‐ housing preservation and development, land use policy, and long‐term planning ‐ and this must be reflected in the City Charter. PlaNYC, launched in 2007, was the articulation of this new era for New York City. It set out the key goals for a sustainable 21st century city, and showed the world that New York continues to be forward‐thinking …

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