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CHPC New York



CHPC welcomes all individuals to use its rich Archival Library resources. However, CHPC’s staff resources are limited so access to the Archival Library is by confirmed appointment only.

Appointments are available from Monday-Friday, 10:00-5:00, but are contingent on staff and room availability. Requests for appointments can be made by email library@chpcny.org. Researchers should expect at least 10 business days between their e-mail request and the appointment date. All accepted appointments will be confirmed via e-mail by CHPC. No walk-ins or unconfirmed appointments will be honored.

Research Rules

All researchers will be required to complete a registration form with contact information, and present a form of photo identification. Researchers will be required to comply with CHPC’s research rules:

No bags, briefcases or other containers may be kept near the materials.

No coats or other bulky clothing may be worn while working with materials.

No food, drink (including bottled water), gum-chewing, and the like are permitted near the documents.

Only pencils may be used. No pens, highlighters, and the like. Laptops and other such devices are allowed, but access to electrical sockets is limited, so researchers should ensure their batteries are fully-charged.

Users should take care that their hands are clean and dry. Gloves are not worn while handling material.

All material will be used in the presence and under the supervision of a CHPC staff member.

Researchers are not permitted to bring papers, folders and other documents of their own near the archival material in order to avoid commingling documents. Researchers who wish to consult their own documents during their research at CHPC must work out an arrangement with the supervising Librarian.

Rights and Reproductions

Permission to work with the Archival Library material or obtaining reproductions of the documents does not constitute permission to publish or otherwise use the material, including on websites or in other electronic form. All reproductions made by or for a researcher are for the researcher’s personal use only.

Researchers visiting the Archival Library may request permission to take digital images. Permission may not be granted based on the condition of the documents or other reason at the sole discretion of the supervising Librarian. If granted, digital images can be taken, at no cost, using a handheld device. Desktop tripods are permitted. Permission to use full size tripods should be arranged in advance with the Librarian. No flatbed scanners or other equipment requiring manipulation of the documents is permitted.

Photocopies of documents can be requested of the CHPC Librarian. All copying will be done by CHPC staff. Because of limited staff resources, a maximum of 100 copies is allowed. The cost is 50 cents per copy. For on-site visitors, the amount is payable in cash only. For remote requests, a $10 handling fee will be added to all orders, plus a postage fee; this amount will be invoiced and is payable by check in advance.

Researchers are responsible for identifying the need for any permission under copyright or other applicable law and for obtaining permission from the holder of the rights. For material in which CHPC holds the copyright, permission to use the material must be requested in writing; if granted, permission will be made in writing.