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CHPC New York

CHPC Connect

International Study Trips

New York City has been a laboratory for government intervention in the private housing market for more than 100 years. It is a city that has experienced cycles of unbridled growth, debilitating population losses, devastating economic downturns, and the growth of a new population and economic resurgence. It was burned once by the British (in 1776) and 200 years later by its own wave of arsonists. For the last two decades it has committed unprecedented resources to reclaim its abandoned housing and rebuild its communities. And through it all, its housing stock and its neighborhoods have resiliently reshaped itself to house its ever changing population.

Though innovation and trial and error, it is a city that has led the way in the development of publicly owned housing, setting and enforcing standards for private housing, and pioneering uses of tax incentives, public and private financing, and zoning and land use policies.

CHPC has been at the forefront of housing and planning in New York City for over seventy years. The CHPC Board of Directors have been the developers, architects, lawyers, planners, lenders, academics, property owners, and managers facing the challenges of creating and preserving housing while planning for the future growth of  a complicated global city.

CHPC Connect provides an opportunity for practitioners and policy makers from other cities to gain practical and useful insights into NYC’s experience which will help them to develop their own solutions and strategies. CHPC Connect has organized programs for groups from many countries, including Israel, UK, Austria, and Germany.

Mobile Workshops and Networking

CHPC Connect creates mobile workshops tailored specifically for the interests and expertise level of your group. Participants will be in the neighborhoods where change is occurring, discussing the issues directly with the academics, community organizers, developers, architects, non-profit leaders, and representatives of City government working there. Participants should expect to create working relationships with these NYC-based experts that extend long past the conclusion of the workshop.

CHPC staff and local experts combine their experience and knowledge with meetings, site visits, and walking tours to provide participants with an insider’s understanding of each area, the unique issues that they face, the programs and approaches that each have adopted, and the lessons learned from their successes and failures. CHPC Connect rounds out the experience with a variety of networking and social events. The complete package includes follow up, summary reports, and administrative support.

For more information and to receive a quote for a CHPC Connect Study Trip, email info@chpcny.org or call 001 (212) 286-9211 ext 116

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Georgia Tech visits NYC

CHPC had a wonderful day touring the real world of New York City housing! On February 28, CHPC staff members visited a number of sites in Brooklyn that are closely related to our work.

We were happy to be joined for the day by a studio of graduate students of the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture. Georgia Tech professor Michael Gamble is leading a three-year design + research studio entitled, 21st Century Housing: Making Room in the Contemporary City, for students to develop fully-realized buildings that respond to environmental realities, as well as support the needs … Read more…

CHPC Discusses Three-Quarter Houses

Three-quarter houses

CHPC’s Executive Director, Jerilyn Perine, participated today in the panel discussion following the presentation of Three-Quarter Houses: The View from the Inside at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This report by Robert Riggs and Tasha Burnett analyzes the role of three-quarter houses in the recovery and reintegration process for people facing substance abuse or who have been recently released from prison. The report also sheds light on the poor conditions in many three-quarter houses and the requirements that operators commonly place on residents to participate in recovery programs. 

The panel discussion, which was moderated by Ann Jacobs from the Read more…

Occasional Series Event: Three-Quarter Houses – The View From Inside – Report Release and Discussion Panel

CHPC’s Executive Director, Jerilyn Perine will take part in a discussion on “Three Quarter Houses: The View from Inside” at John Jay College.   The problem of housing New York City’s most vulnerable individuals has given rise to a growing market of privately operated, for-profit residences known as Three-Quarter Houses. For all intents and purposes, these houses have become an informal extension of the City’s apparatus for keeping vulnerable men and women off of the streets. Yet they lack any formal regulation or oversight, rendering the houses invisible to most citizens and policymakers.

The findings of PRI’s research on Three-Quarter Houses … Read more…

CHPC in Barcelona!


It’s been an exciting 2 weeks of adventures for CHPC! Just after the launch of NYC’s adAPT pilot, CHPC participated in the “City Protocol” conference in Barcelona. From July 15-17, Senior Policy Analyst Sarah Watson visited Barcelona to represent New York alongside 150 leaders from governments, companies, and universities from 35 other global cities to discuss a new direction for city planning that brings together the public and private sector.

The “City Protocol” is based on the premise that rapid advances in digital and broadband technology are reshaping our cities before our eyes, leading to a heightened need for a … Read more…

CHPC Op-Ed in the Jerusalem Post


In response to the recent uprising in Israel about the lack of affordable housing, Julie Sandorf, the President of the Charles H. Revson Foundation and Jerilyn Perine have co-authored an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post this week about the lessons that Israel could learn from New York’s approach to affordable housing.

The Charles H. Revson Foundation is committed to funding Jewish philanthropy, and is supporting the work of the ‘New Israel Fund’ – a group of housing practitioners investigating the potential application of US nonprofit community-housing institutions to the development of affordable housing in Israel. Last year, CHPC helped to … Read more…